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RICE CAMPAIGN 2021 - A slow start

July 13, 2021 Here and there, we hear about rains, hailstorms, temperatures that are too low for some, too high for others. In short, so many words to sum up a rather rainy and cool spring and a beginning of summer with a sun that really slows to point the tip of its nose and […]

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CROPS IN EUROPE– What are the impacts of a generally cold and wet weather?

July 13, 2021 This spring was marked by particularly low temperatures in Europe. April 2021 was one of the coldest months since1979, as highlighted in the latest European Commission bulletin JRC MARS BULLETIN of 21 JUNE 2021. Only Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Turkey and European Russia will have seen slightly warmer than average temperatures. The month […]

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July 13, 2021 The figures provided by the European Commission, in its market Briefs of June 2021 EU imports of organic agri-foods products – Key developments in 2020 show some changes in international trade in organic products. 2,794,000 tons of organic agri-food products have been imported into Europe (EU27) in 2020. The trend would be […]

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ORGANIC SOYBEAN – The small seed that is worth gold

22 avril 2021 In this period of crisis, if the sector of the organic agriculture is doing well with an ever-growing world market, it is however not without difficulty. How can we meet the growing demand from consumers who are despite everything concerned about their wallets, in a context of rising prices for most raw […]

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EUROPEAN GREEN DEAL – What does say the European Commision on the new action plan for the development of organic production ?

22 avril 2021 Based on the results of the last action plan which has just ended (2014-2020) and the public consultation which took place from September to November 2020, the new action plan for the development of organic farming was presented by the European Commission on March 25th. The aim of the  European Green Deal […]

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